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Beck, Shannon - Vice Principal
Gordon, Robbie - Principal
Administrative Assistant
Lefthand, Dwight - Receptionist
Belhumeur, Joseph - JH/HS
Crazyboy, Debbie - Grade 3-4
Geminiano, Chris - Physical Education
Kelly, Brendan - JH/HS
Labelle, Lorne - Stoney Language and Culture
McBride, Caron - Levelled Literacy Intervention Teacher/Literacy Support
Paul, Robin - Grade 1-2
Payne, Erin - Grade 6-7
Pembroke, Lisa - Preschool and Kindergarten
Shade, Melanie - JH/HS
Whitehouse, Jean - Grade 4-5
Educational Assistants
Daniels, Holli - Education Assistant
Daniels, Kenneth - Education Assistant
Lefthand, Corrie Lynn - Education Assistant
Lefthand, Dakota - Educational Assistant
Lefthand, Jaycee - Education Assistant
Rollinmud, Bianca - Education Assistant
Special Education
McCarthy Butt, Tricia - Inclusive Ed and Wellness Support
Student Services
McKillop, Joey - Behavioral Consultant/ Renfrew Educational Services